Community Partner Spotlight: SAFEchild

Published April 19, 2024
By: LouMecia Staton, PCANC Community Relations Manager

At Positive Childhood Alliance North Carolina (PCANC), formerly Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina, we recognize the power of collaboration in achieving better outcomes for our communities and celebrate the partners who work to nurture positive childhoods throughout the year. It is with great privilege that we shine the spotlight on SAFEchild, our esteemed inaugural Community Partner Spotlight.

Founded by the Junior League of Raleigh, SAFEchild has been making an impact in Wake County to provide a variety of resources and support to children and families for over 30 years. Their mission is, “to eliminate child abuse in Wake County by helping adults and children create nurturing environments free from abuse and neglect.”  SAFEchild stands for, Stop Abuse For Every child.  It is truly our honor to spotlight SAFEchild as our first Community Partner Spotlight as the Positive Childhood Alliance North Carolina.

Just some weeks ago PCANC team members Beth Moore, Learning and Development Manager and LouMecia Staton, Community Relations Manager had the opportunity to visit their new facility located at 2841 Kidd Road in Raleigh.  There, they had the opportunity to sit down and meet with members of SAFEchild’s esteemed team to learn more about their services.  The PCANC team was able to learn about several of their programs and partnerships including: Circle of Security Parenting (COSP), Crianza Con Cariño (CCC), MOVE (Mothers Overcoming Violence through Empowerment and Education), MENS Program (Men Engaged in Nurturing Strategies), Moms Supporting Moms (MSM), Funny Tummy Feelings (FTF), and the Growing Resilience Movement (GRM) which is, “a multi-sector partnership committed to unifying our community to prevent and alleviate adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) by helping adults build their capacity to create safe, nurturing and stable environments for children.” As noted in their materials, groups are free of charge, and they also encourage children to attend groups with their parent(s).

The PCANC team also had the honor of touring the SAFEchild Advocacy Center which is, “a child-friendly, community-based facility providing comprehensive medical evaluations for children birth to 17 when there is an open investigation for child sexual abuse, physical abuse and/or neglect.” The extreme care and detail that their team took to design such an impeccable and welcoming space for families is truly awe-inspiring. We truly honor the SAFEchild leadership, service providers, team, and volunteers that service each family and child that walks through their doors every day.

SAFEchild will continue to be a beacon of light for communities across the state. Amirah Saintyl, Program Director states, “In partnership with our community, SAFEchild fosters safe spaces where children can thrive, grow, and dream without fear.” We also learned that children can write letters to other children who will be starting a new class at SAFEchild. One of the quotes shared states, “Dear new kid today is my last day in group. This is an amazing experience, and it will teach you so many things. You get to meet new people too. You will learn so many things. I hope you have a good time here.”

The heart, support and love that the SAFEchild team continues to give every day will continue to foster hope with children and families for generations to come. Thank you, SAFEchild for being our partner and our friend.

To learn more about the programs at SAFEchild, visit: