Celebrating Excellence: PCANC CEO Receives Women In Business Award Amidst Organization’s New Identity

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that our esteemed President & CEO, Sharon Hirsch, has been recognized with the distinguished Triangle Business Journal 2024 Women In Business Award! This honor underscores Sharon’s exceptional leadership and dedication to fostering positive change for North Carolina children and their families.

In conjunction with this momentous achievement, we are celebrating our 45th anniversary and our organization’s recent rebranding as Positive Childhood Alliance North Carolina (formerly Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina). Just over a week into our new identity, we are energized by the opportunity to further our mission of creating a brighter, more supportive future for all children.

Sharon Hirsch, reflecting on this milestone, said, “The happiest sound in the world is children’s laughter – and that’s what we’re working toward. We want to build a North Carolina where all families live in connected, supportive, and supported communities so that all our children have an opportunity to lead joyful lives filled with positive childhood experiences.”

At Positive Childhood Alliance NC (PCANC), we are deeply committed to shaping the landscape for positive childhoods across our state. We invite you to explore our profile on the Triangle Business Journal and learn more about our initiatives aimed at transforming the lives of children and families: Triangle Business Journal Profile

Join us as we embark on this new era with enthusiasm and optimism, driving meaningful change for the benefit of our youngest generation. Together, let’s champion the cause of positive childhood experiences and create a brighter future for all.