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Follow the latest updates in statewide efforts to improve the lives of North Carolina children and families.

Positive Childhood Alliance North Carolina (PCANC) ensures that prevention is a priority in North Carolina and that all communities have the knowledge, skills and resources needed to prevent child abuse and neglect at the local level. We believe that child abuse and neglect can be prevented from ever occurring when we all play a part. When families feel supported and have access to family-strengthening resources in the community, children are more likely to grow up healthier and ready to reach their fullest potential.

We invest in prevention by supporting and scaling evidence-based programs grounded in implementation science and best practices; building community will through partnership engagement and communications; and, through a commitment to policies supporting children and families across the state.


When we go upstream and invest in proven strategies that help strengthen families, we prevent child abuse and neglect before it even happens. That’s why we work to build safe, stable, nurturing homes and communities with our partners! We encourage you to watch and share this video!