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Connections Matter promotes the building of more resilient, compassionate, and trauma-informed communities – what’s your connection?


Your gift helps all of North Carolina’s children have the opportunity to grow up in safe, stable, nurturing homes and communities!

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All children and families are living purposeful and happy lives with hope for the future.


Positive Childhood Alliance NC (the state chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America) advances policies, programs and practices that support well-being for all NC children and families.



Uniqueness is powerful. Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness fuels the Positive Childhood Alliance NC (PCANC) spirit and our work. PCANC embraces the strength and excellence that comes from having a diverse body of individuals and an engaged and thoughtful conversation as being critical to accomplishing our vision of children growing up in safe, stable, and nurturing families and communities. Our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience propels us forward every day.


Child abuse and neglect are a community problem. We encourage everyone to recognize the signs and report those signs to the appropriate officials. Oftentimes, children and their families are the ones who are required to change their behavior or are at the center of solving the problem, including removing children from their families. However, PCANC recognizes that the system around families, including other people, has a responsibility for supporting families and helping create solutions that are beyond reporting. Prevention through proactive policies and community supports are crucial to changing the system so that parents can provide nurturing and safe environments for their children.


Prevention happens in partnership.  We know no single agency is responsible for prevention and that everyone has a role to play. We also believe in the Six Principles of Partnership: Everyone desires respect; Everyone needs to be heard; Everyone has strengths; Judgments can wait; Partners share power; Partnership is a process.  We aim to partner with families, communities, funders and our sister agencies that support and strengthen families.


PCANC uses data to select and implement  programs, recommend policies that support the prevention of child abuse and neglect, and  to monitor our progress towards expected outcomes.  Additionally, it is vital that as innovative approaches and practices emerge they are  explored, and evidence is built to support their successful growth and replication In these cases PCANC is committed to using data to build the evidence base.